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Learn along the way

Games bring out the best of us, learn new skills with our games.

Competitive and fun

Play with friends and build your skillset together. Play alone in the style you like.


We love to play games that are simple and intuitive. The experience is the journey.

Learning and gaming have become a necessity

Combine the two and get an engaging, entertaining experience

If only math was this easy!

Divide & Conquer is a new way of gamifying math.
Inspired by classic games like Mario and Minecraft,
have the same fun, with additional benefits of learning.

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Music to my ears

Train your hearing with Step It Up!
Toilet games are fun, but can they be fun and educational?
Try it out for free from the Google Play today!

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New challenges means new opportunities

Here at Lunchbox Edu we want to make a difference in education and engage more people in learning.

We're making games that you can play with friends and educators alike. Try out our games and give us your feedback!